Transfer Student Information

Dear new 10th and 11th graders:

Congratulations on your acceptance to Central High School. I am Avi Snyder, the Roster Chairperson at CHS. I will be creating your schedules during your time here at Central. Before we even talk about rosters, I want to highlight a few important ideas.

  1. Please access all important information for new students at
  2. Be sure to read everything! There are important forms to be filled out, summer reading, etc.
  3. A copy of your FINAL report card must be sent to Central High School immediately in June. As soon as the transfer student receives final grades from his/her school, you must email me a scanned copy at
  4. If you change your mind and decide that you are not coming to Central in September, you must notify us immediately.

***The first step in creating a roster for you is very basic. Please share your current 9th grade (and 10th grade if applicable) course list with me. From there, I’ll be able to tell you what you must take and what options you might have.

I look forward to hearing from each of you soon.



Avi Snyder