Class Dues Information

Class Dues Breakdown:  (per student)

Expense Cost Payments over 4 years Total Expense
Graduation hall (Kimmel Center/Academy)$22,000/530 $41.00 1 (Grade 12) $41.00
Misc expenses:Programs, flowers for Barnwell Luncheon/Graduation/Honors Convocations, class stationary, paper, mailings, envelopes, etc $20 1 (Grade 12) $20
Diploma Covers $12.00 1 (Grade 12) $12.00
Yearbook $90.00 1 (Grade 12) $90.00
Cap and Gown $22.00 1 (Grade 12) $22.00
Athletic Game Pass $5.00 3 (Grades 10,11,12) $15.00
Student Publications $9.00 3 (Grades 10,11,12) $27.00
Class Buttons $2 2 (Grades 11-12) $4.00
Class Legacy Tree/Time Capsule $2.00 1 (Grade 12) $2.00
Superpan Class picture $10.00 1 (Grade 12) $10.00
Alumni Association Membership  $5.00  1 (Grade 12)  $5.00
Misc. Expenses for events:  Red Cross Blood Drive, Museum Day, $2 1 (Grade 12) $2.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do Class Dues Pay for?

A: Yearbook, graduation expenses, student publications, etc. For a complete breakdown, look at the table above.


Q: It says 250 under Class Dues on the posted list, does that mean I owe $250?

A: Yes.  The numbers on the printed are in dollars.


Q: Where do I pay ID Fees?

A: Pay Ms. Flowers in the Main Office


Q: Do I have to go to each department to pay what I owe separately?

A: Yes. Each department manages their own account and records.


Q: Can I pay debts with a check or money order?

A: Yes, however you still need to pay each department with a separate check or money order. Separate Debts cannot be combined into one check or money order. So you cannot pay for Class Dues, your lost Math book, and ID Fees on one check or money order. Also, the last day we can accept a personal check for any type of payment is Friday May 1st but money orders will still be accepted after that.


Q: Can we pay Class Dues or other debts with a credit or debit card?

A: Yes, but only online. You can pay ALL debts online with one transaction unlike writing a check. Go to and click on Pay Obligations at the top. Please note that the company charges a 4% processing fee.


Q: The report says I owe money the Social Studies Department. Who do I ask about this debt?

A: When it comes to department debts, you must go to that department if you have questions. Below is a list of all department contact info.  These must be separately to those departments.