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Central High School Yearbook Staff

Sponsor: Ms. Patricia Cameron

Position: Name:
Editors-in-Chief Natasha Chity-Guevara
Molly Flanagan
Sebastian Loredo
Senior Editors Michelle Chiu
Isaac Gordon
Serena Schwartz
Photo Editors Mary Kulesa
Amy Bunny Le
Art Editors Eloise Kadlecek
Zirwa Malik
Faculty Editors Kristen Joseph
Sheba Roy
Clubs Editors Sophie Haskell
Kelli Jewett
Alisa Lozano
Amy Varghese
Underclass Eds. Eoin Daly
An Duong
Tatiana Torres
Dedications Eds. Gabrielle Effendi
Jenaye Johnson
Sports Editors Elena Cruz-Adames
Amber Dilks
Julius Duhan
Thomas Parker
Christy Tran
Academics Eds. Takhmina Baykhanova
Silvi Minga
Student Life Eds Audrey Gibson
Helen Jiang
Kate-Lynn Rice
Nathan Zeyl
Publications Ed. Jacob Huang
Activities Eds. Alisha DiPrimeo
Adela Qalliaj
Jacqui Reichner
Music/Arts Eds. Dylan Lewis
Nathan Zeyl
Public Relations Tiffany Atmadja

Juniors are encouraged to apply for a position for the yearbook in early April. Interviews are conducted and the new staff is invited to a Meet ‘n Greet at the end of May. Both the outgoing and the incoming staff are invited to come together to share ice cream and ideas for the next year’s book.

Any student on the yearbook staff has open access to the yearbook office every day, during their free periods. There students have the use of a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, computers, and a printer. Students can also help themselves to free cocoa and popcorn, both are replenished monthly.

The yearbook staff is responsible for coordinating Spirit Day, along with the SA officers, and their class sponsor. The staff paints the south lawn the evening before the panoramic shot depicting the entire senior class creating their graduation number.

Additionally, the morning of the last day of school prior to winter break, yearbook students are treated to brunch and host the Centrallizer students as well.