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yearbook collage


Central High School Yearbook Staff

Sponsor: Ms. Paola Vashierrez, 

Position: Name:
Editors-in-Chief Kippi Hall
Ethan W. (282)
Sorena Z. (282)
Senior Editors Monika M. (282)
Gabrielle P. (282)
Michelle S. (282)
Lydia W. (282)
Sunny Z. (282)
Photo Editors Eitan C. (282)
Kasey S. (282)
Chloe T. (282)
Art Editors Celeste O-L (282)
Emily M. T. (282)
Faculty Editors Fareeha A. (282)
Cindy Z. (282)
Clubs Editors Klevisa B. (282)
Amanda C. (282)
Erin C. (282)
Mikaela E-C (282)
Karlice W. (282)
Underclass Editors Rawya B. (282)
Esther M. (282)
Ziyin H. (282)
Dedications Editors Madison L. (282)
Panya M. (282)
Sports Editors Angela B. (282)
Jillian H. (282)
Andy D. (282)
Erin M. (282)
Academics Editors Jennia Z. (282)
Student Life Editors India K. (282)
India J. (282)
Tatiana W-M (282)
Publications Editors Richard S. (282)
Activities Editors Noriah A. (282)
Jordan B. (282)
Judy C. (282)
Music/Arts Editors Lael A. (282)
Graphic Designers Shannon J. (282)
Tasmin T. (282)

Juniors are encouraged to apply for a position in early April. Interviews are conducted by the current Yearbook Editors-in- Chief and the sponsor. Old and new staff are invited to a Meet ‘n Greet before the end of the year.

Students who a part of the Yearbook staff are welcome to work in the Yearbook office during their off periods. Students also have the opportunity to be a part the Yearbook advisory group.