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CHS National Honor Society

Welcome to the National Honor Society!

Our mission is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of Central High School.

Guide to the Survey & Selection Process of Central High School’s National Honor Society

The Survey Process

Recruitment of members to the NHS will be done by the advisor (students do not need to make contact with advisor unless student’s name was not given to advisor by roster office). Students are invited to participate in the NHS Survey Process based on:

  • Minimum GPA of 4.0 unweighted
  • Discipline record provided by administration and reviewed by the Faculty Council
  • Junior or Senior status

Online Application:

All perspective members must submit an online application via Google Forms. A web link will be provided to perspective members to complete form once teacher received student’s contact information (E-Mail address).

The Survey: an Overview (refer to specific directions in the survey packet).

  • Leadership & Service: The candidate will list all CHS involvement in leadership & service including clubs, sports, band, chorus, drama, ect., in addition to activities outside of school completed throughout their high school career. The candidates will list the candidate’s adviser/teacher/manager/director, number of hours involved and the dates of participation for each activity. The candidate’s activity adviser/teacher/director/manager will note the level of participation for leadership/service (active/non-active participant to officer/captain) in addition to the adviser’s/teachers signature and phone number. Note: Please be courteous of the advisers/teachers/directors/managers and provide them ample time to fill out the paperwork. It is asked that students complete 65 hours of community service; of the 65 hours, 20 hours should be devoted to peer tutoring within the school community as well as outside of the school community. All 65 hours can be obtained through student’s sophomore and junior year (prior to the application deadline).
  • Scholarship: The candidate will list all personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) in addition to the courses they will be taking both first and second semester of the application year.
  • Character: The candidate will type/double space an essay and attach it to the survey packet in which the candidate describes how he/she demonstrates one of the Four Pillars of the NHS (Leadership, Service, Scholarship or Character).
  • Signatures: The candidate and parent/guardian must sign the survey packet where noted or will be disqualified from the process.
  • Survey Completion: The survey packet must be completed in full and turned in by the time and due date noted or the candidate will be disqualified from the process (no exceptions). Please note: the survey packet may be turned in early.

The Selection Process

  1. Faculty Recommendations: The members of the CHS Faculty are given the opportunity to rate each candidate on character and leadership and provide any comments regarding positive as well as negative interactions with the candidate to be reviewed by the Faculty Council.
  2. The Faculty Council:
    • The Faculty Council is a five member team selected by the CHS Principal representing each of the major subject areas (Math, English, Social Studies & Science) in addition to World Languages.
    • Each member of the Faculty Council will thoroughly read and review each survey packet independently. If there is a question regarding the student’s leadership/service, the Faculty Council member may call the candidates activity adviser for clarification but will not contact the candidate. It is the candidate’s responsibility to accurately and completely fill out the survey.
    • The Faculty Council will be looking for the well-rounded individual that is maintaining the required NHS GPA, continuing to take challenging courses and actively involved in a variety of CHS clubs, sports, activities and leading, representing and serving CHS  as well as the community.
    • Each Faculty Council member will (based only on the information provided: survey packet and Faculty recommendations) independently select or non-select each candidate for induction into the NHS. Please note: The NHS Adviser’s role in the selection process is as a facilitator. The NHS Adviser does not have a vote nor will influence the voting of the Faculty Council.
    • If a candidate has three or more votes for selection by the Faculty Council, the student will be tapped on a later date and inducted into the NHS. If the candidate has three or more votes for non-selection, the student will not be invited into the NHS and will receive a letter during school on the day of tapping. If the candidate is a non-selected Junior and continues to maintain their GPA and positive discipline record, they may be eligible to participate in the selection process again during their Senior year.
    • The Faculty Council’s selections/non-selections are final and cannot be overturned unless there was a procedural error (for example: inaccurate GPA calculation).