DAILY BULLETIN Wednesday January 22, 2020

Posted on January 22, 2020
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Wednesday January 22, 2020


Tuesday, January 21

  • ADV. 8:00-9:00 AM
  • 1-EXAM – 9:03 AM – 10:33 AM
  • BREAK – 10:33 AM – 11:03 AM
  • 2-EXAM – 11:06 AM – 12:36 PM

Wednesday, January 22

  • Adv. 8:00 – 9:00 AM
  • 3-EXAM – 9:03 AM – 10:33 AM
  • BREAK – 10:33 AM – 11:03 AM
  • 4-EXAM – 11:06 AM – 12:36 PM

Thursday, January 23

  • ADV. 8:00 – 9:00 AM
  • 5 -EXAM – 9:03 AM – 10:33 AM
  • BREAK – 10:33 AM – 11:03 AM
  • 6-EXAM – 11:03 AM – 12:36 PM

Friday, January 24

  • ADV. 8:00 – 9:00 AM
  • 7 -EXAM – 9:03 AM – 10:33 AM
  • BREAK – 10:33 AM – 11:03 AM
  • MAKE-UP EXAMS – 11:03 AM – 12:36 PM

Congratulations to Junior Christian DeBrady who is Central’s Poetry Out Loud School-Wide Winner.  Christian’s poetry recitations were outstanding, and he will represent Central in the city-wide contest this February.

THE SCHOOL STORE IS NOW OPEN! School Store Hours are as follows:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday ~ Morning 7:30-8:00 and Afternoon 3:10 – 3:30
  • Wednesday ~ Morning, 7:30 – 8:00 ~ NO After School Hours

Reminder Staff when you are absent please turn in a SEH-86 after each absence the day after you return.  Absence cards can be found in the main office behind the copier in a tray. Please Complete, Sign, and Return to the main office to Ms. Ramseur (Ms. R) Thank you


    • Please remember to check your CHS Calendar everyday for upcoming events.
    • Greetings once again from the Central-Thon Committee! Tomorrow, January 14th, we will begin collecting donations for the 2020 book drive.  All books and funds collected will go directly to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s “Reach out and Read” program.  The books donated to the hospital allow young patients to work on language development and experience the joy of reading.
    • Last year, we collected over 600 books; this year we hope to reach and exceed that number with the help our generous student body, faculty, and staff here at Central.  We would appreciate your support during this event (1/14-2/29) in the form of monetary donations or gently-used or brand new books suited for patients, especially those patients six-months to five-years old.  Members of Central-THON will visit advisories, collect books at the scanners, and place a drop-box in front of the main entrance and Rm. 211
    • Please reach out to either our sponsor, Dr. Elliott Drago, or one of our Co-Directors:  Hannah Poeng (7038787@philasd.org) Alesha Philip (7147609@philasd.org)April Serrano (6964137@philasd.org)
    • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  Many thanks in advance for your support and may the 2020 book drive season be the best one yet!
    • International Day Café: anyone interested in working the café this year, should sign up outside the language office at 243. You must be eligible and in good standing to apply/be selected.  This is an opportunity for any non-language student to take part in the activity, as the dishes are provided solely by those in language classes.
    • Artist and poets! The winter edition of Mirror is printing and will be distributed shortly.  We are accepting submissions for the spring edition. We’ll accept submissions until March 29th.  See the Mirror bulletin board in the English corridor for details.  Also, staff meetings are reconvening, starting on Thursday, January 16th in room 108. New members are always welcome!
    • Science Opportunity for 10th & 11th grade girls: EXELON FOUNDATION STEM INNOVATION LEADERSHIP ACADEMY. A free week-long (Sunday, July 26, 2020 – Friday, July 31, 2020), residential STEM leadership program held at Drexel University, where young women get to learn about energy and STEM in fun, interactive ways, such as field trips, site visits, keynote speakers, panels of women leaders from across the city, leadership development training, and an energy challenge which will result in cool prizes! Application due by April 22, 2020. https://exelonstemacademy.org
    • STEM Opportunity for 9th grade students in underrepresented communities: SMASH Academy is 100% FREE STEM intensive college prep residential program that empowers students like you to thrive in STEM careers, so you can be the change you want to see in your community.  This is a 3 year summer commitment for a 5 week residential program at UPENN. APPLY NOW FOR 2020 SMASH ACADEMY smash.org/apply APPLICATION closes February 28, 2020.
    • The SCIENCE PEER TUTORING CENTER will start on Tuesday 12/3/19 and run Tues-Fri during open homeroom in the Chemistry Alcove (outside rms. 083-085).  Come bring your biology, chemistry, and physics questions. Join the Peer Tutoring Google Classroom (an7brz4) for updates. – Ms. Cohen ([mailto:gmcohen@philasd.org|gmcohen@philasd.org])
    • Teachers/Staff:  I am looking for someone to take over as sponsor of martial arts club.  Club meets on Monday afternoons. Students are organized but I am no longer to carry out this responsibility.  Send me a line if you are interested: jlobron@philasd.org Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. J. Lobron
    • The Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Class met after school on Friday, October 18 in Room 211.  Please note every Friday; students from U Penn’s Wharton School of Business will be at Central to teach the classes.  For more info see Mr. Quinn (Room 307) or Ms. Sheldon-Matje (Room 211).
    • Science Peer Tutoring! Do you need or can you offer HELP in a science course?  Sign up here to be a peer tutor or to request help. Tutors will receive community service hours, and tutees efforts to improve their understanding will be carefully recorded and communicated to parents/guardians and teachers.
    • Any student, male or female interested in joining the Central Bowling Teams, should see Mr. Johns in the Gym.  Please do so during the open Advisory period.
    • Central’s A Cappella the Knights of Harmony is still looking for boys and those who can beat box to audition.  Please stop by room 323 and look for Mr. G.
      • January 10—Fall formal observation window closes
      • January 13—Spring formal observation window opens
      • January 14-copies of final exams due to Assistant Principals
      • January 16-Reading day for Mid-terms
      • January 17-Reading day for Mid-terms
      • January 20—No school
      • January 21—Mid-term Exams, periods 1 and 2
      • January 22—Mid-term exams, periods 3 and 4
      • January 23—Mid-term exams, periods 5 and 6
      • January 24— Half-day PD: students in morning only
        • Mid-term exams, period 7 and make ups
      • January 29–5pm: 2nd report grades due
      • January 30–PDP mid-year review due (if necessary)