Posted on January 21, 2020
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THURSDAY, January 10 , 2020


  • Advisory 8:00-8:53
  • 1st              8:56-9:46
  • 2nd                 9:49-10:39
  • 3rd             10:42-11:32
  • 4th             11:35-12:25
  • 5th             12:28-1:18
  • 6th             1:21-2:11
  • 7th             2:14-3:04

THE SCHOOL STORE IS NOW OPEN! School Store Hours are as follows:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday ~ Morning 7:30-8:00 and Afternoon 3:10 – 3:30
  • Wednesday ~ Morning, 7:30 – 8:00 ~ NO After School Hours

Reminder Staff when you are absent please turn in a SEH-86 after each absence the day after you return.  Absence cards can be found in the main office behind the copier in a tray.  Please Complete, Sign, and Return to the main office to Ms. Ramseur (Ms. R)

Thank you



  • Please remember to check your CHS Calendar everyday for upcoming events.
  • Science Opportunity for 10th & 11th grade girls: EXELON FOUNDATION STEM INNOVATION LEADERSHIP ACADEMYA free week-long(Sunday, July
  • Pam and Sam from Lincoln Investment will be here Wednesday, January 15th, from 11:00am – 12:30pm.
  • The SCIENCE PEER TUTORING CENTER will start on Tuesday 12/3/19 and run Tues-Fri during open homeroom in the Chemistry Alcove (outside rms. 083-085).  Come bring your biology, chemistry, and physics questions.  Join the Peer Tutoring Google Classroom (an7brz4) for updates. – Ms. Cohen ([mailto:gmcohen@philasd.org|gmcohen@philasd.org])
  • Teachers/Staff:  I am looking for someone to take over as sponsor of martial arts club.  Club meets on Monday afternoons.  Students are organized but I am no longer to carry out this responsibility.  Send me a line if you are interested: jlobron@philasd.org Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. – J. Lobron
  • The Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Class met after school on Friday, October 18 in Room 211.  Please note every Friday; students from U Penn’s Wharton School of Business will be at Central to teach the classes.  For more info see Mr. Quinn (Room 307) or Ms. Sheldon-Matje (Room 211).
  • Science Peer Tutoring! Do you need or can you offer HELP in a science course?  Sign up here to be a peer tutor or to request help.  Tutors will receive community service hours, and tutees efforts to improve their understanding will be carefully recorded and communicated to parents/guardians and teachers.
  • Any student, male or female interested in joining the Central Bowling Teams, should see Mr. Johns in the Gym.  Please do so during the open Advisory period.
  • Central’s A Cappella the Knights of Harmony is still looking for boys and those who can beat box to audition.  Please stop by room 323 and look for Mr. G.
    • January 10—Fall formal observation window closes
    • January 13—Spring formal observation window opens
    • January 14-copies of final exams due to Assistant Principals
    • January 16-Reading day for Mid-terms
    • January 17-Reading day for Mid-terms
    • January 20—No school
    • January 21—Mid-term Exams, periods 1 and 2
    • January 22—Mid-term exams, periods 3 and 4
    • January 23—Mid-term exams, periods 5 and 6
    • January 24— Half-day PD: students in morning only
      • Mid-term exams, period 7 and make ups
    • January 29–5pm: 2nd report grades due
    • January 30–PDP mid-year review due (if necessary)