Posted on October 3, 2019
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  • Advisory 8:00-8:53
  • 1st 8:56-9:46
  • 2nd 9:49-10:39
  • 3rd 10:42-11:32
  • 4th 11:35-12:25
  • 5th 12:28-1:18
  • 6th 1:21-2:11
  • 7th 2:14-3:04

THE SCHOOL STORE IS NOW OPEN! School Store Hours are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday ~ Morning 7:30-8:00 and Afternoon 3:10 – 3:30

Wednesday ~ Morning, 7:30 – 8:00 ~ NO After School Hours

Staff when you are absent please turn in a SEH-86 after each absence the day after you return.  Absence cards can be found in the main office behind the copier in a tray. Please Complete, Sign, and Return to the main office to Ms. Ramseur (Ms. R) Thank you..



  • Tomorrow, Thursday, October 3, 9th graders will get their locker assignments in the assembly.
    Orientation leaders will join the 9th graders in the assembly to help them get into the lockers.

    • Homeroom teachers of 10, 11, and 12th graders–please allow orientation leaders to quickly check-in with you at 8am then immediately move to the auditorium.
    • Homeroom teachers of 9th graders–please report promptly to the auditorium and remain with your homeroom during the entire homeroom period. You will distribute locker cards in the assembly, and then move into the hallways to help your 9th graders find and open their lockers. Orientation leaders will be there to help you out too.
  • LGBT Club will have their first meeting on Friday, October 4th during open Advisory.  All are welcome to attend! Mr. Fowler
  • The Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Club will have it’s first meeting of the year after school this Friday, October 4th in Room 307.  Every Friday, students from U Penn’s Wharton School of Business will be at Central to host the club.  For More info see Mr. Quinn (Room 307) or Ms. Sheldon-Matje (Room 211).
  • Channel your inner Greta Thunberg at the first Student Environmental Action Society meeting.  Help us plan and implement ideas to improve our local environment; help maintain our school’s garden; and have fun with environmentally conscious students.  Meetings every Thursday after school in room 402.
  • The Fox Chase Immersion Science Program is accepting applications until 10/28/19.  ISP is a FREE program for students who have already completed Biology and Chemistry.  Learn serious research techniques using fruit flies to investigate diet and cancer signaling pathways.  The program runs over 11 Saturdays, January 11th – March 21st.  The application will launch on Twitter (@isp_lab) and Facebook (Fox Chase Cancer Center Immersion Science Program).
    • Attention class 279! This Friday the nurses’ office is hosting nursing students from Villanova University to assist us in completing our annual state mandated health screenings.  The screenings will take place in the wrestling gym from 8:45 am until 12:30pm. On Friday, please obtain your appointment slip from your homeroom teacher. If you have a test during your scheduled screening, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TEST FIRST and come for your screening after.  Bring your glasses, if you wear them.
    • Senior advisors:  Please check your box on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning for appointment slips to be given out during homeroom.  We will be screening approximately ALL of our seniors; so ALL senior homerooms will be included. If a senior in your class is scheduled for a health screening, please excuse them to do so.  If their appointment is scheduled during a test, please have them take the test FIRST, and they can complete their screening after.Thank you ALL For your assistance in this Second Annual MASS SCREENING event!

      Leigh A. Coakley, RN, Rodney Abary, CRNP, and Alma Kokthi, RN

  • A.A.S.U. (African American Student Union) invites all students to attend our first meeting on Wednesday, October 2, Spain Center.  All are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.
  • Faculty:  Please have one of your students bring last year’s library passes to Barnwell or leave them in my mailbox.
  • Two students a day are allowed from each advisory.  If you could simply initial the library passes we would appreciate it, as forgery is rampant among the youth of America. Thank you.
  • Office Aides are still needed for 2nd and 5th Periods.   Please see Ms. Flowers.
  • Community Service Opportunity: Blind Sports Organization of Philadelphia
    • Our organization has done a great job of providing people with visual impairment the opportunity to participate in athletic settings. As a non-profit organization, we are constantly looking for volunteers to assist in our various events held around the Philadelphia area.  Being familiar towards Central’s mission to have students engage in community service, I think this would be a great opportunity to have students assist in events while being able to enjoy the pleasures of sports and social interaction. We have a volunteer sign-up page, which is copied below.
      https: //www.blindsports.org/ volunteer
  • **9th Graders Only ~ Shadowing starts Monday, September 23rd.  If you would like to shadow, please report to the shadow hallway (between the Auditorium and Library) by 7:30am.  Shadow dates next week are Monday, 9/23 – Thursday, 9/26.
  • Office Aides are still needed for 2nd and 5th Periods.   Please see Ms. Flowers.
  • Informational meeting for those interested in playing JV Girls Basketball will be held on two separate times and dates.
    • Monday, October 7th after school in room 50 and/or
    • Tuesday, October 8th in the gym at 7:45am or 8:20am
    • Click this link for more info on PIAA physicals and instructions: https://centralhs.philasd.org/athletics/athletic-forms/
    • Please support CHS Athletics and share free 15% off Modell’s coupons.  Valid through October 10, 2019.