Posted on May 17, 2019
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MAY 17, 2019


  • Advisory 8:00-8:53
  • 1st Period 8:56-9:46
  • 2nd Period 9:49-10:39
  • 3rd Period 10:42-11:32
  • 4th Period 11:35-12:25
  • 5th Period 12:28-1:18
  • 6th Period 1:21-2:11
  • 7th Period 2:14-3:04


  • 5/17-IB/AP Testing
  • 5/17-8:00-Keystone Makeups

School Store Hours: MWF 7:30-7:55 AM and 3:10-3:30 PM


  • Student Absence Notes: All absence notes collected from students documenting their absences should be kept for two years in teachers’ desk or closet. Mark the file or envelope with the advisory number and the school year 2019-2020.
  • Classrooms: All classroom floors, desktops, and bookshelves should be cleared of debris so that the cleaning staff can clean classrooms during the summer. Please complete by Wednesday, June 5, 2019.
  • Computers: All computers should be signed out with our technology specialist for summer only if you will be returning to Central in the fall. If you will not be returning to Central in the fall, please make sure that you turn in your computer and any accessories to Room 329 for summer storage. Please complete by Tuesday, June 4, 2019.
  • Work orders: If you need anything fixed in your classroom such as door locks, window panes, window shades, etc., please put a work order into our building engineer, Rick Weischedel via email at rweischedel@philasd.org by Wednesday, June 5, 2019.
  • Keys: All school keys must be turned into your Department Chair by the last day of school for staff, June 5, 2019. The Department Chairs should then turn in all teachers’ keys to Mr. McKenna before they leave.


  • Soft Pretzel Friday ends this Friday – no crying! B. Blazer (5/17)
  • Seniors  / 278:  Barnwell Library is offering a two week “NO FINES GRACE” period from now through May 24.
    Clean out your lockers and Return Overdue books now. Please return all library books you borrowed from Barnwell Library in your time here at Central.  If you are “sharing” a locker remove any books stamped Barnwell Library and return those as well. Thank you and Congratulations. J.Lobron (5/24)
  • The RoboLancers annual Dorney Park ticket sale is on! This is always a popular purchase as families and friends plan summer outings together. Purchase “Any Day Tickets” which are good any single day during the 2019 season, getting you into both Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. Tickets are $36 (deeply discounted from the online Any Day Ticket price of $49 or the gate price of $60). Purchase now through May 17th from Ms. Coutts (Rm 134) during Homeroom or from Mr. Johnson (office behind 85/89) after school. We can accept cash or money order only. Tickets will be delivered May 29th (the day grades close). M. Johnson (5/17)
    • ATTENTION SOPHOMORES:  Per School District of Philadelphia guidelines, all 11th graders are required to provide proof an updated physical exam.  Please turn in a physical form available on the school district website signed by a medical provider to the nurses’ office upon return to school your junior year.
    • ATTENTION JUNIORS:  Per the School District of Philadelphia’s vaccination requirements, all incoming seniors must show proof of meningitis vaccine received after age 16.  Please submit your proof of immunization or exemption to the nurses’ office within the first week of your senior year. Leigh A. Coakley, RN (6/1)
  • Students: As the temperature goes up please dress appropriately to school. Our dress code is on pages 22-23 of your agenda, stay out of trouble by following the dress code. Mr. Julien/Discipline Office (6/1)
  • No checks are permitted for any payment after we return from Spring break – cash or money order only. A. Donato