Current Clubs at Central

Central High School has a vast array of student run clubs and you are welcome to join at anytime.  Below is a list of the current clubs at Central.

Club NameMeeting Day(s)Meeting Timse (start and end)Meeting LocationClub Sponsor Name
African American Student Union (AASU)Wednesday 3:15-5:00PMSpain Conference CenterDwight, Tiara
American Students of Asian Origins (A.S.A.O)Mondays and Wednesdays3:00-5:00Band (Ms. Gruzwalski), AuditoriumGruzwalski.
Apsara Khmer Association (AKA)Tuesday3:04 PM - 4:00 PM324Franchetti
Art ClubWednesdays3:05 - 4:153Durkee
Art With Heartwednesdays3:10- 4:00315Blazer
Asian-American Pacific Islander Union (APIU)Monday3:04-4:30 pm202Hung, and Palazzolo
Astronomy ClubTuesday 3:15 - 4:15230Nadel
Baking Club Mondays and Thurdays 3:05 - 3:10403Ojo
Bangladeshi Student AssociationBi-Weekly Thursdays3:05 - 4:00101Hinde
Basketball FundamentalsTuesdays, Thursday, Friday7:00-7:50Basketball gym, Weight lifting gymJehromi Crawford
Belly Dance Association Thursdays3:05-4:30227Grow
Black and Brown Action Initiative (BBAI)Wednesday3:15 - 4:15208Mckenny
Blackoutstrike or B.O.SMondays 3:10-4:10244DeGourville, Richard
Botanical Garden at CHSWednesday3:10-4:00LibraryLobron, John
Calligraphy ClubEvery other Thursday3:00-4:00311Grow
Central Awesome Mentor Program (CAMP)Wednesday During advisory Each freshmen advisory Whittle
Central Book Clubevery other Thursdays3:15-4:15108Hardgrove
Central Christian ClubWendesday3:04-4:1084Thornton
Central Cleaning ClubTuesday3:00 PM-4:00 PM120Glenn, Amanda
Central Debate TeamTuesday and Wednesday3:10- 4:30206Sheldon-Matje
Central Jam SessionWednesday 3:15-4:15323Franchetti
Central Rock Climbing and Bouldering ClubWednesday 3:15pm - 5pmThe Cliffs at Callowhill, 1010 Callowhill StWinegrad
Central SagaThursday3:00 to 4:15327Nickley
Central-THONThursday 3:04-4124Ciobanu, Lillian
CHS ChessTuesday and Thursday3:154:45Copeland
CHS Film ClubFridays3:15 - 4:00307Quinn, Tom
CHS Letters for DestinyMondays3:10 PM - 4:00 PM201/203Swerdloff, Alexandra
CHS OutreachEvery other tuesday 3:10-4:00126Zimmerman
CHS Pokemon ClubFriday3:04 - 4:04407Winegrad
CHS ScrabbleThursday3:15-4:45229Copeland
CIA, Caribbean In ActiuonBi-weekly Tuesday309Woodward
Cinematography ClubThursdaysBefore school/in advisory (TBD) 248Rodríguez (TBD)
ClotheAFriendOur sponsor is here after school, only on certain days, so meeting days will be based off of when he is free. 3:10-4:1599Martin
ClotheAFriendSince our sponsor is here after school only on certain days, the meeting dates, occuring every 2 weeks, will vary and be decided at the beginning of the week.3:10-4:150.99Martin
Costume DesignTuesday3:15-4:153Durkee
CPCA (Chinese Pop Culture Appreciation) Mondays and Thursdays 3:04-4:30pm 250 every other monday, cafeteria for all other days.Li, Yishi
Crimson Red RecordsThursday3:15 to 4:15203Perez
D&D ClubThursdays3:15-4:30Cafeteria or 406Fowler, Michael
DECAThursday3:05 PM - 4:00 PM227Grow
Disabled Student UnionEvery other Thursday3:15-4:15230Nadel
Doodle DummiesMondays3:10 - 4:00CafeteriiaAubry
Drama SocietyMondays (subject to change)3:15-4:00pm305Burns
Economics, Career, Self-Improvement, and Research (ECSIR)Mondays3:10 PM - 3:40 PM231Alex Humes
Feeding PhillyMonday3:15-4:15226Peeples, Kristen
Feminists of API Minorities (FAM)Monday3:04 - 4:00211Sheldon-Matje
Fitness ClubWednesdaystart 3:15 end 4:00if good weather, outside on the patio (non-senior entrance), otherwise second floor alcoveBergeron
Free Verse Poetry Club Mondays3:04-4:30Library Computer LabLobron
Game CentralMonday and Thursday3:04 - 4:30227Grow
Graphic Novel ClubThursday's3:15-4:002022-12-13 00:00:00Bevenour
Heart of Central2 Thursdays a month 03:15 PM - 4:00 PM249Walker
Hispanos Y Latinos Unidos (HLU)Tuesday3:10 - 4203 or Spain Conference(if possible)Perez
JSU Tuesdays and Thursdays3:15-5:15 pm207Horwits
Knights of Harmony A CappellaTuesday3:15-4:15323Gruzwalski, Marianne
Korean Students AssociationTuesday and Wednesday3:10 - 4:45 204, Cafeteria or Dance GymPalazzolo, Nick
Learn To BeTuesdays3:15-4:15309Woodward
Left of CentralEvery Thursday3:15 to 4:00203Seetoo
LGBTQ+ ClubWednesdays, although that might change.3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.406Fowler, Michael
Life 101Mondays 3:15-4:15101Hinde
Making for Charity Monday3:15 pm - 4:15 pm209Morrow
Martial Arts ClubMonday and Wednesday3 to 4 or 4:30326Blazer
Math Club Thursday 3:15-4:30095Ovetsky
Memory LaneMonday3:15-4:05108Hardgrove
Middle Eastern North African Society (MENAS)Tuesday3:10-4:00233Date, Sophia
Mock Trial TeamMonday and Thursday 3:05-4:30206Neuman
Model United Nations (MUN)Monday3:10pm - 4:00pm/4:30pm107Hover
Motorsports and Engineering ClubWednesdays3:10pm - 4:30pm227Grow
Music Performing Arts ClubEvery Monday(3:15 and 4:30)324Blazer and Marianne Gruzwalski
Muslim Student AssociationTuesdays and Thursdays3:15-4:00117Bergeron
Otaku Central Friday3:10-4:3051Crawford, Jehromi L
Pep Squad Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 3:15pm - 5:15pmPep HallDwight
Period clubMonday8:15- 8:53HRC in the basementBrown
Physics clubEvery Tuesday3pm to 4:15, it varies between participants due to the variation of activities 098 and 095Ovetsky
Pixar Shorts Wednesday 3:10- 4:00226Peeples
Poker ClubFriday3:15 to 4:30 p.m.99Martin
RoboLancersMonday, Wednesday, Friday3:15-5:0085, 30, GXJohnson, Michael
Salsa @ CentralThursday 3:15-4:15141DeGourville
Science OlympiadTuesdays/Wednesdays3:15-4:15402Fitzgerald
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)Thursday 10/6/22 3:15-3:45227Grow
Speech ClubFriday3:05-3:45203Haywood (Rolyn Haywood)
SSC - The Student Socialist CoalitionEvery other Monday3:15 -4:00306Satlow
Stage Crew Thursdays and Fridays 3:10-5:10pmAuditoriumKelsey, Peter
Star Wars ClubThursday3:15-4:30323Blazer
Student Environmental Action Society (SEAS)Wednesday 3:10-4:10302Henry, Yvonne
Student of Color Association Tuesday’s and sometimes Thursdays 3:25 to 4pm226Hung and Peeples
The Central Artists ClubTuesdays 3:15PM - 4:15PM208McKenny
The MirrorTuesday 3:05 to 4:15203Perez
Ultimate clubModay,Thursdays friday3:30-5Cherashore Park 851 W. Olney Ave Philadelphia PA 19144walker, r
UNHEARDMonday3:20- 4:20003Durkee
UNICEFEvery other Monday of the month3:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.211Sheldon Matje
Unifying Vietnamese AssociationThursday3:15-4 pmSpain Conference CenterCrawford
United Pan AfricaTuesday and Thursday3:15- 4:30404Ojo
Vegan and Gluten Free Cooking ClubThursday3:15-400253Kelsey
Voter Engagement TeamTuesdays3:15-4:15307Quinn
Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC)Thursdays3:10 - 4:30226Peeples