Community Service



Community Service is worth .5 credits. Students must complete 30 hours of service each year.

  1. All letters of service must be submitted to your class sponsor on an official letterhead or emailed directly from the organization.
    • A separate form should be completed for service performed at Central.
  2. Community service hours may be completed at multiple locations — official documentation/letters of service must be provided from each location.
  3. Students must write an essay that outlines their experience. Essays must:
    • Be at least 3 paragraphs.
    • Include summary of service, how it benefitted the community, and what was learned.
    • Be submitted via Google Classroom (code and instructions will be provided to your homeroom teacher).

What qualifies as a community service activity?

  • Students cannot receive financial compensation
  • MAY NOT be performed for family members or for profit-making organizations.
  • Must be completed at a NON-PROFIT organization. Activities performed at libraries, schools, Meals on Wheels, hospices, Habitat for Humanity and faith-based organizations are acceptable. Hair salons, doctors’ offices, physical therapy facilities, and most daycare centers are FOR PROFIT businesses and are unacceptable. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR DOUBT, PLEASE VERIFY BEFORE PERFORMING SERVICE.
  • Service performed with a club outside of school hours is acceptable.
  • Service for Central must be completed before/after school or during lunch periods.
  • Service performed at faith-based organizations (churches, synagogues, mosques) is acceptable as long as the activities are NOT religious. Activities performed at an after school program housed in a church are acceptable, but assisting in a worship service or Bible Study is not.
  • Campaigning for a political party/candidate is unacceptable. Non-partisan organizations like The Committee for Seventy are acceptable.

Popular sites/locations for service:

  • Hospitals/Nursing Homes (verified volunteer programs – these are the only non-profit institution allowed to give service)
  • Libraries
  • Schools (tutoring programs, etc) – not daycares unlessdaycare is a NON-PROFIT
  • Animal Shelters
  • Thrift Stores run by Non-Profits
  • Chartered Community Organizations (certain rec leagues, community programs, athletic leagues are actual non-profit recognized organizations and can be used for service)
  • Recycling Club
  • Orientation Leaders
  • Teacher Aides (must be approved by sponsor)
  • Tutoring at Central must be organized through National Honor Society, Writing Center, or via theDepartment Chairperson
  • Museums

GRADING: Pass (90)/Fail (50). Number grade reflects completion of requirements and do not reflect number on the report card.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Disciplinary action will occur for any student who has submitted forged or false documentation. No academic credit will be given for service and the matter will be handled in a manner consistent with School District of Philadelphia guidelines and Central High School’s Academic Integrity Policy. HOURS WILL BE VERIFIED. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE SEE YOUR SPONSOR.