Mock Trial Team

Coach: Mr. Sam Neuman  (

A mock trial team consists of three attorneys and three witnesses on each side of the case (plaintiff/prosecution and defense). The attorneys are responsible for delivering an opening statement, conducting direct and cross examinations of witnesses and delivering closing arguments.

Central High School Mock Trial Team’s mission is to use the context of competitive high school mock trial to foster the development of students’ critical thinking skills, public speaking ability, work ethic, and self-confidence in a team environment. Central Mock Trial fosters the creation, development, and expansion of a dynamic and fun learning environment and experience in which students can develop life skills useful to pursuing excellence and mastery in any area or discipline.

Students’ Commitment:

  • Practice three days a week between December 1st and March 1st.
  • Willingness to work on reading and writing case materials outside of practice.
  • Ability to attend City Championship rounds (usually at the Criminal Justice Center from 4-7).
  • Ability to attend University of Penn and La Salle University tournaments.