Nineteenth Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

by Nancy Zhu (278)

October 28, 2018

Photos by Mary Elizabeth Greely (278)

October 17th marked the calendar for Central’s nineteenth Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Hosted by the Alumni Committee at Philmont Country Club, the evening entailed memories of the pride and spirit of Central High School. Friends, colleagues, and family gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of inductees Lee Felsenstein (219), Albert Fishlow (199), Philip Freelon (230), Herman Rush (187), Marvin L. Corman (208), Neal F. Kassell (221), David R. Soll (213), and Marc Brickman (229).

City Council-member Helen Gym was the compere of the evening, thanking all that Central has brought forth in terms of educating the future of Philadelphia. Each inductee told stories recollecting their past at Central High School. From academics to extracurriculars, each thanked Central for its long lasting memories and wisdom. As with all Central events and celebrations, the proud stomps of our school song led by current students concluded the ceremony.

The following morning, the newly inducted members to the Hall of Fame were guided around Central. Their plaques were mounted to the Hall of Fame, honoring their work and involvement in the Central committee.

Governor Tom Wolf, in a letter of commendation, said, “The members of this year’s Hall of Fame class have made positive and lasting impacts in the fields of the arts, technology, medicine, and education. I am certain that with the support of the dedicated alumni, Central High School will continue to serve the academic needs of our commonwealth’s students.”

Yasmine Mezoury (278) said, “All of the alumni were passionate about the school. The things they have accomplished are unbelievable, and when they recount their narratives, it was very evident how much Central has shaped their achievements. Many humbly lauded the school, stating that their achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the rigor and passion of our curriculum, teachers, and student body. By going to the induction ceremony, I got a taste of the true vibrance of the Central spirit that never leaves us. I left the venue not only awed, but inspired!”

Mary Elizabeth Greely said, “Attending the Hall of Fame made me reflect on how lucky I am to be at Central and how, in 50 years, I or my friends could be recognized for our services to the community.”

Alumni visiting the CHS Robotics Lab

Photos by Mary Elizabeth Greely (278)


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