Central Ranked Number One in Philadelphia!!

by Nancy Zhu

February 1, 2019

On the week of January 27th, Central received outstanding recognition from the School District of Philadelphia for obtaining the top score on the School Progress Report from 2017-2018. Last year we received a score of 91, the highest in the city that year. This year we received a score of 95 which was the highest score not only among public high schools, but among elementary, middle, charter, and special admissions schools. We are ranked number one out of 330 schools in the district.

According to President McKenna, the progress report scores, “look at four areas in high schools: achievement, progress, college and career readiness, and school climate.

Achievement is based on our school’s standardized test scores. Progress is based on, “the growth of students based on numbers the district comes up with based on Keystones and PSSA scores from previous years.” College and career readiness “looks at how many students are graduating and attending college.” School climate “looks at attendance and rate of suspension.”

With a second consecutive recognition under our belt, President McKenna stated that in order to keep progressing, “We need to keep providing great instruction and we need to keep our students actively engaged in their learning.”

On Instagram, President McKenna said, “We are here to create the next generation of leaders and our students have bought into the academic program and they work incredibly hard.”

Congratulations to all the Central students, parents, staff, and alumni for this recognition of hard work and dedication towards education. May we continue to strive for excellence!

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