CHS IB and AP Assessment Schedule 2021-2022

Course NameExam DateTotal ExamsTimeRooms NeededTIME
IB Physics4/28/2269:00 AM3282h 20
IB Astronomy4/29/221012:00 PM3262 H
AP United States Government and Politics5/2/221208:00 AM323/3243
AP Chemistry5/2/2212012:00323/3243:15
AP Environmental Science5/3/22 5/25/22258:00 AM3262:40
AP Psychology5/3/22 5/26/2210912:00 PM323/3242:00
IB History5/4/226012:00 PMWidener2h
AP English Literature and Composition5/4/22658:00 AM323/3243:00
AP Computer Science A5/4/229112:00 PM323/3243:00
IB History5/5/22609:00 AMWidener2
IB Environmental Science5/5/222512:00 PMWidener1
AP Statistics5/5/2210312:00 PM323/3243:00
AP Seminar5/5/223712:00 PM3262:00
AP Human Geography5/5/22318:00:00 AM3262:15
IB Math5/6/228012:00 PMWidener2
IB Environmental Science5/6/22259:00 AMWidener2
AP United States History5/6/221188:00 AM323/3243:15
AP Microeconomics5/6/226412:00 PM3242:10
AP European History5/6/22348:00 AM3263:15
IB Math5/9/22809:00 AMWidener2
AP Italian Language and Culture5/9/22612:00:00 PM3273:03
AP Computer Science Principles5/9/226212:00:00 PM323/3242:00
AP Calculus BC5/9/22638:00:00 AM3243:15
AP Calculus AB5/9/22678:00:00 AM3233:15
IB Latin/Italian/Chinese5/10/222512:00 PM3282 h 15m
AP Physics C: Mechanics5/10/221212:00:00 PM3261:30
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism5/10/22122:00 PM3261:30
AP English Language and Composition5/10/22788:00 AM323/3243.15
IB Chinese/Italian (listening comp)5/11/22611:00 AM3272h
IB Biology5/11/22258:00 AM3263 h 15
AP Spanish Language and Culture5/11/22268:00:00 AM3113:03
AP Chinese Language and Culture5/11/22278:00:00 AM3272:00
AP Biology5/11/228212:00:00 PM323/3243:00
IB Math HL5/12/22259:00 AM3261 h
IB English5/12/226012:00 PMWidener2h 15
AP Physics 15/12/229012:00 PM323/3243:00
AP French Language and Culture5/12/22108:00:00 AM3273:03
IB Philosophy and IB Global Politics5/13/225012:00 PM3242
AP Physics 25/13/221212:00 PM3263:00
AP Music Theory5/13/22118:00 AM3232:40
IB Spanish5/16/225012:00 PM323/324
IB Philosophy5/16/22509:00 AM323/324
IB Spanish SL and AB (listening comp)5/17/22219:00 AM327
IB Spanish HL (listening comp)5/17/221810:00 AM327
IB Psychology5/17/223512:00 PM326
IB Psychology5/18/22259:00 AM326
IB Chemistry5/18/223312:00 PM326
IB French5/19/221012:00 PM326
IB French (Listening Comp)5/20/22109:00 AM327