The Gene Rotberg Collection

Photo of Gene Rotberg 188th class

Gene Rotberg (188)

Gene Rotberg, 188th class, is renowned in financial markets around the world for his expertise in “risk taking, volatility of interest and exchange rates, as well as the role of international development institutions”(  Mr. Rotberg’s financial acumen has led him to advisory positions within governments, international institutions, and the private sector.  Notably Mr. Rotberg served as Vice President and Treasurer of the World Bank from 1968 to 1987.  After his time with The World Bank, Mr. Rotberg held the position of Executive Vice President at Merrill-Lynch, where he was responsible for overall risk management.  His significant impact on this industry has led Mr. Rotberg to be named “one of the 40 most influential persons worldwide in finance over the last 40 years” by Institutional Investor magazine (May, 2007).

Outside of his career Mr. Rotberg has been active on the boards of various non-profit institutions, serving as a trustee at INMED, a non-profit institution devoted to improving health conditions for children at risk as well as the NPR foundation, The Theatre Lab, and the Washington National Opera.  Mr. Rotberg’s involvement in the arts extends past his support of these non-profits as he has recently written an Opera libretto concerning the events in Tahir Square Egypt.

Today Mr. Rotberg graciously shares a collection of his articles and speeches on topics ranging from globalization to financial reforms with the students, faculty, and alumni of Central High School for the duel purpose of research and academics.  A bound version of his works can be found in the Barnwell Library.  For online access, click on the link below.

Rotberg Collection