Library Mission and Policies

Library Mission and Policies

OUR MISSION is to support the academic curriculum by providing a wide range of relevant resources, both print and electronic, to provide a facility where students and staff can pursue their academic interests, and to foster information and technology literate lifelong learners.



  • Students are welcome to the library before school, after school, or during lunch periods. Teachers may also send students to the library during Advisory or during class with a library pass.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the library.
  • Students may borrow books for 10 school days using their Central ID. Books may be renewed. Each overdue book will be fined five cents per school day.
  • Lost books must be paid for according to the rules of the School District of Philadelphia governing payment for lost school property.
  • Students are responsible for all books charged to their student ID.
  • Phones and MP3 players are prohibited.Students are asked to respect others as they read and study quietly.


  • Computers are used for schoolwork only and internet use must comply with the School District of Philadelphia Acceptable Use Policy
  • Use of computers is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Print sparingly. Use copier if more than one copy is needed.
  • Students are permitted to use the lab when not in use by staff.