Varsity Field Hockey

The Varsity Field Hockey team plays in the Fall and is coached by Ms. Alina Whittle. Email for more information and the join code for the team Google Classroom

Field Hockey Camp / Practice / Workouts will begin on the football field (15th and Somerville Streets) Monday, August 16 at 8:30 am.  We should conclude at 10:30am.

Things to bring with you:
1.  WATER.
2.  Running Shoes
3.  Cleats
4.  Hockey stick (I have some to lend)
5.  Mouth Guard (NOT a clear one)
6.  Shin guards
7.  A shirt.  You may NOT practice in only a sports bra.  Shirts are mandatory.
8.  A PIAA physical dated after June 1, 2021.  You may not engage in any aspect of practice without a physical.

Athletes of all (or no) skill levels are welcome!!  If you’re a team player and like sports, come on out!  Start conditioning now.  You will run two miles starting on day one.  Don’t let that be the first time you run this summer!  Having no skills and a solid level of fitness is better than having no skills and no level of fitness.

Covid-19 is still a threat and so we will be following PIAA protocols of not using a locker room, not sharing equipment, not sharing water bottles or water cooler.  Yes, you can use the ladies room one person at a time.  All of this  means that you bring and take your equipment with you every day and you come dressed to play as there is no locker room to change in.