Accessing the College Board app on the SDP Chromebook

Starting in the Spring of 2021, every student in the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) will be issued a Chromebook to be used at home and school.  Families that qualify will also receive free or discounted internet service.

The SDP Chromebook will be used to access the following resources:

  • WiFi at Central High School.  Students must abide by the School District of Philadelphia user policy.
  • Infinite Campus and Google Classroom
  • PhilaSD email
  • Exclusive platforms such as the SDP Educational Google apps.  Only the SDP Chromebook will be able to access quizzes and tests given through the Google Platform.
  • AP Classroom Lockdown Browser for tests and quizzes

To access the College Board app (AP Classroom and Lock-down Browser), please watch the video below.

If your Chromebook doesn’t display the School District of Philadelphia logo on the desktop or doesn’t say “managed by”, you will need to Powerwash the device.  This will enable it to go on the school wifi and access the Chromebook apps licensed by the School District of Philadelphia.

To Powerwash your Chromebook, follow the steps in this Google Slide deck

For additional assistance, contact Mr. Innamarato at