Physical Education Courses


Physical Education (11th)

Instruction is provided in skills involving individual and team sports, and in physical fitness activities. Classes rotate through four teaching stations that change each sport season (fall, winter and spring) for a total of twelve teaching stations. Students are graded in sports skills and in a battery of six physical fitness tests.

Indoor and outdoor activities are divided into four categories: (1) Fitness and Self‑Reliance (including weight training, weight machines, gymnastics, walking, jogging‑running, aerobics, rope jumping, circuit training, obstacle course, tumbling and stunts, personal defense), (2) Movement (including aerobic dance, rhythmic gymnastics, folk‑square‑round dancing), (3) Team Sports (including basketball, floor hockey, soccer, softball, speedball, touch football, volleyball), (4) Individual, Dual and Lifetime Sports (including badminton, golf, gymnastics, handball, quoits, table tennis, tennis, track & field, wrestling, recreational games).

Principles of Training (10th-12th)

\The elective course is different than any other P.E. class because it will allow students to focus on their specific needs as an athlete. The class will enhance their strength and agility as it relates to a specific sport. Students will be able to identify foods that contain the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats to increase lean muscle mass. A student must be an active member of at least one Varsity athletic team at Central High School to enroll in the class.

Officiating and Management (10th-12th half-year course)

Our officiating class will encompass students learning how to referee six sports. The sports will be basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, baseball and track and field. Students will be able to make the appropriate calls for each sport. They will learn the rules and the dimensions of the fields for each sport. Upon completion of the class students will have the ability to referee little league sports. If a student is interested in refereeing at the high school level that would be required to take a test. There will be guest speakers that referee’s each sport and represent different levels. The speakers will give insight on the salary, travel and opportunities based on their experiences in the field.

Sports Rosters (10th–12th)

Students who are participants in two or more varsity sports should see the Department Chair, Mr. Drayton, to request a sports roster. If permission is granted, and the placement of courses allow, the student athlete will be given a combination of P.E. and lunch the last two periods of his/her day or just a seventh period lunch or PE thus minimizing the time taken away from academics for interscholastic competition.

Health Education

All topics in the Philadelphia School District’s curriculum guide in health education are included in the courses offered. Health implications of tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse are repeated in each cycle. Fertility control, HIV education and contraception instruction is provided for all students whose parents have not requested that their sons/daughters be excluded. This policy is in accord with School District of Philadelphia Board of Education Policy.