Instructions for Students Currently Non-Enrolled in a School District of Philadelphia School

  1. Complete the online application at
  2. Once an application is submitted, it cannot be modified. Please be sure all information is correct and accurate before hitting the submit button.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: If additional applications are submitted for the same student, the School District will use the last application submitted. All previous applications will be deleted.
  4. Non School District of Philadelphia Applicants Must provide the Student Data Transcript and copies of complete previous year Academic Records to ALL criteria based High Schools. See website for specific information.
  5. All notifications will be sent to the email address provided including school determinations (Approval, Disapproval, and Waitlist statuses).

Required Documents of all NON-DISTRICT Students:

The following documents must be delivered to Central High School:

  1. The Student Data Transcript Please print out and complete.
  2. A copy of your child’s final report card from the 2016-2017 school year including attendance information.
  3. A copy of your child’s most recent standardized test scores. For example PSSA, TerraNova, ERB’s, etc.
  4. A readable handwritten one page personal statement or reflection paper.  Type if necessary.
    The chart below will help you know what grade information is necessary.
Applying to 9th grade Provide 7th grade academic and standardized test score information
Applying to 10th grade Provide 8th grade academic and standardized test score information
Applying to 11th grade Provide 9th grade academic and standardized test score information