Welcome Back 2020!

Welcome back returning families and a warm Central welcome to our new members of the CHS family!

As we start school with a virtual opening, please review the following:

Virtual Bell Schedules:

Monday - Thursday
Lancers Community Meeting (Advisory)8:00:00 AM8:30:00 AM
Transition8:30:00 AM8:35:00 AM
Period 18:35:00 AM9:20:00 AM
Transition9:20:00 AM9:25:00 AM
Period 29:25:00 AM10:10:00 AM
Transition10:10:00 AM10:15:00 AM
Period 310:15:00 AM11:00:00 AM
Transition11:00:00 AM11:05:00 AM
Period 411:05:00 AM11:50:00 AM
Transition11:50:00 AM11:55:00 AM
Period 511:55:00 AM12:40:00 PM
Transition12:40:00 PM12:45:00 PM
Period 612:45:00 PM1:30:00 PM
Transition1:30:00 PM1:35:00 PM
Period 71:35:00 PM2:20:00 PM
Transition2:20:00 PM2:25:00 PM
Common Planning Time/Office Hours2:25:00 PM3:04:00 PM
Mon, WedCPT
Tu, ThOffice Hours

Friday - PeriodStartEnd
Lancers Community Meeting (Advisory)8:00:00 AM8:20:00 AM
Transition8:20:00 AM8:25:00 AM
Period 18:25:00 AM8:50:00 AM
Transition8:50:00 AM8:55:00 AM
Period 28:55:00 AM9:20:00 AM
Transition9:20:00 AM9:25:00 AM
Period 39:25:00 AM9:50:00 AM
Transition9:50:00 AM9:55:00 AM
Period 49:55:00 AM10:20:00 AM
Transition10:20:00 AM10:25:00 AM
Period 510:25:00 AM10:50:00 AM
Transition10:50:00 AM10:55:00 AM
Period 610:55:00 AM11:20:00 AM
Transition11:20:00 AM11:25:00 AM
Period 711:25:00 AM11:50:00 AM
Transition11:50:00 AM11:55:00 AM
Teacher Break11:55:00 AM12:25:00 PM
Transition12:25:00 PM12:30:00 PM
Professional Development12:30:00 PM3:04:00 PM