Subject Selection Process for the 2020-2021 School Year

Nicole VanBuskirk, Assistant Principal

Step 1: Assemblies will be held in which each Teacher Leader will address the students about their department’s electives.

  • Monday, January 13 282 (Freshmen)
  • Tuesday, January 14 281 (Sophomores)
  • Wednesday, January 15 280 (Juniors)

Step 2: Read the Subject Selection Guide

  • Find it at and in your school district email. Narrow down your electives choices to something that interests you and for which you are qualified. If you choose something for don’t qualify for, you will be put in any available elective.
  • 10th grades will take 1 elective.
  • 11th graders will take 1 elective.
  • 12th grades take 2 to 4 electives.

Step 3: Go get permission for the classes of your choice, if needed.

  • Read the class description completely!Ask the Teacher Leaders or the Roster Office if you don’t know where to go or whom to talk to!
  • Art and Music— Benjamin Blazer, Room 324
  • English—Gisela Johnson-Smith, Room 110
  • Language—Rachel Rodriguez, Room 243
  • Math—John Zak, Room 128
  • Physical Education—Richard Drayton, gym
  • Science—Galeet Cohen, Room 83
  • Social Studies—Elliott Drago, Room 210

Step 4: Fill out the Subject Selection Form online by 3:04pm on Friday, February 21 (TENTATIVE date).

  • You may use your phone or a computer. Log in to
  • If you have questions or are confused after you look at the form online, come  to the Roster Office before school or during homeroom.

Step 5:  Take a placement test for any honors or Advanced Placement class you MIGHT want to take.

  • Each test will be advertised in the daily bulletin, in class and scheduled on the school calendar.

Step 6: Sports Rosters

  • A Sports Roster is for students who play 2 or more Varsity sports ONLY. You must already be on those teams-not “plan” to play the sport next year.
  • There is no application. You must see your coaches; they will submit your name to Mr. Drayton, the Athletic Department Chairperson. Mr. Drayton makes all final sports roster decisions.

Work Roster

  • Central High School does NOT create work rosters for students. Our expectation is that students time and energy is dedicated to their school work.
  • If a serious situation exists in which a family is in financial need, please contact your counselor immediately.

Step 7: Official rosters become available the last week in August through your student portal.

  • Login at
  • Students can request a roster change the first two weeks of the school year.
  • Forms will be available in homeroom.